Build Film Website

We all know at this point you have to have a website to promote your film to it's fullest potential. Now its easier than ever! I'll walk you through the basics on how to get a website and get it moving.



  World War II The Way, Russian soldier shot

  World War II The Way, Russian soldier shot

Lets Start!
-Get a domain name!
The domain is the name of your site (ie. There are many many places that sell domain names but I use The cost for the name is about nine bucks a year. You can search their site to see what is available. I hate to say this, but i would find a good domain name then name your movie. Or you can always get

-Space to host your site.
Okay you have a cool name but what now? You need a place to actually put your website, meaning hard drive space on someone’s server. Once again I use because of their customer service. I use the cheapest plan which is about five bucks a month (paid one year lump sum).

-Build a website. 
Godaddy has an online site building “software” for PC users, I really don’t know much about it. But if you’re a MAC user I highly recommend RapidWeaver from Realmac Software. RapidWeaver creates sites using templates that are customizable; you can also download themes (some for free, some for purchase) from tons of other companies. For sixty dollars you can’t go wrong, someone without any site building knowledge can create and maintain a site easily. 

This website was made with RapidWeaver. Its real easy and cheap! Who has time to fuss with a website when you need to be making a film?
What Now?
-YouTubeIf you have movies on your website go ahead and put them on YouTube as well. Build a “channel” and build some cross promotion to your main site from there. 

-CafePressYou can market cool merchandize like t-shirts without paying a penny. Then you can markup your product and make some money for your project, speak of the devil Go buy a shirt and help us out!

-AdSenceGoogle Ads. Sign up, post some simple code into your website and make some money. The kicker is you get paid out after you make a 100 bucks. If your like us you might be waiting for a while to collect..

-AdWordsAdvertise on Google, just the opposite of above. Their minimum budget is five bucks per month (with a one time five dollar fee), advertising on five dollars isn’t going to work any miracles. But once your movie is out and if you have a few dollars you can start an online marketing campaign. 

-Google and other search engines are looking for keywords to list your website. Give it the words to place you correctly in searches. (there are a million articles about this out there!)

-If your on forums and other websites post your website's URL as much as you can, this cross linking will help your site traffic and boost your web standing in search engines. 

-Get awesome sponsors Engler Custom Paintball Guns like and cross link your sites!!!!!!!!! It really helps both parties. 

-I think it is important to get your site going as soon as possible, with the teaser photos i made was able to talk myself into more people helping me.